Debbie's daughter and niece have grown up helping out in the business, and have since been grooming for over 6 years. They are there to help when anyone needs it and truly care about their family business. 

Trained by our experienced groomers, Gabriella has worked very hard to become the amazing groomer she is today. She grooms both dogs and cats and truly loves what she does.

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For over two years, our receptionist Bridget has been helping clients and caring for their pets with her sidekick pup King. She is great at multitasking and loves our furry clients and their owners.


Nicole brings a whole lot of talent to our team, including great experience and love for animals. She grooms both dogs and cats and works hard for perfection!

meet our team

Heidi is one of our trained groomers who loves her newly found career. With a lot of patience and love for animals, she has been a great addition to our grooming team.


Olivia and Lauren have been bathing for us for over 2 years. They love animals and take great care of our furry friends.


Nina has been with us for almost a year helping with bathing, and learning to groom.  Her passion for working with animals shows, and we have found her to be a natural at grooming!

All Breed Dog and Cat Grooming and Supplies


Patty is working toward becoming a Veterinary Technician. She has been bathing for us for almost a year, and has recently started training to become a groomer. She loves working with animals!


Lakeside Dog Grooming is proudly owned and operated by groomer Debbie Wales.  With over 31 years of experience, Debbie specializes in all breed dog and cat grooming, and has worked hard to create the successful business she has today. 


Margaret has been a part of the Lakeside Dog Grooming family for over 21 years and has been grooming for over 30 years. She is very patient and sweet as can be.